Elbow Surgery: Tennis Elbow Release (Common Extensor Origin Release)

Indications for operation

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) which has not responded to conservative treatment.


General Anaesthetic (Fully asleep) or regional (the arm will be numb)

Local anaesthetic will be injected into the wound for post-operative pain relief

Operation type



A 3cm incision over the lateral epicondyle (the tender area).


The common extensor origin is released from the lateral epicondyle and scar tissue removed.

Wound Closure

A single non-absorbable suture running under the skin will be used to close the wound, paper stitches will be placed over this.


An Elastoplast dressing will be placed over the top of the paper stitches and an elastic support bandage over the top of this.

Immediate aftercare

You can go home when you feel comfortable.

Further instructions for Tennis Elbow Release rehabilitation