Shoulder Rehabilitation Protocol: Superior Capsule Reconstruction

Please note it can take 9 months following surgery until the pre-operative symptoms have settled!

Phase 1: First 2 weeks

Wound care as outlined on the Shoulder Arthroscopy Rehabilitation page
You have been provided with a sling.
You should wear this most of the time
You may remove the sling for washing and dressing
You may perfomr simple tasks (eating/ writing) out of the sling
You should not attempt any active lifting of the arm during this time

Phase 2: 2-8 weeks

You will be seen in the clinic for a wound check at 2-3 weeks
The passive range of motion (PROM) of the shoulder will be assessed
You will be referred to start physiotherapy at this stage
The aim during this pahse is to regain the passive range of motion of the shoulder with exercises to stretch it.
You may actively lift the arm during this pahse but should not lift more than 2 Kg
Driving as comfortable from 4 weeks and when safe to do an emrgency stop.

Phase 3: 8 weeks+

You will be seen in the clinic at 8 weeks
You should now start exercises to strengthen the shoulder (this may be under the supervision of a physiotherapist)
These exercises are specifically designed to strengthen the naterior deltoid muscle as the supraspinatus (main rotator cuff muscle) has been replaced by the graft.